The Fall into Health program is a lifestyle modification blueprint for the Mom who wants to make self-care a non-negotiable part of her everyday life so that she can do what she loves without sacrificing how she cares for her family.

It is a 30-day program incorporating a 4-step system that helps you implement individualized self-care practices that will assist you to build a strong foundation for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Each week you will implement a specific strategy that will help you to feel renewed, refocused, and rejuvenated.

You will begin building layers of healthy habits, one on top of another, while being held accountable to what you say you desire. This is the power of a coachingĀ  relationship.

Week 1: Release and Replace

Setting the stage for success by making room for what you desire

Week 2: Grounding Practices

The necessity of embracing new mindsets and habits for lasting results

Week 3: Gentleness and Rejuvenation

The importance of implementing stress management techniques and high levels of self-care for powerful results

Week 4: Balanced Living

Why achieving your health goals is not just about food and exercise

Some of the outcomes of this program are:

  • Finding clarity around your health and life goals and how to achieve them

  • Experiencing a focused mindset that contributes to lasting habit change

  • Experiencing greater confidence in your ability to achieve and maintain your desired outcomes

  • Feeling empowered to create the life you want

Some of the benefits of going through this program with me as your guide include:

  • Identifying the behavior patterns that are holding you back from achieving optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

  • Uncovering what you need to release and replace in your life to make room for what you truly want

  • Discovering how to develop the mindset that will contribute to lasting habit change

  • Discovering how to consistently implement simple daily rituals that will help you feel and look your best

  • Uncovering the areas that need your greatest attention and developing a sustainable plan to keep you focused on achieving your goals


  • Four 60-minute, Individualized Coaching Sessions guiding you toward your goals

  • One 10-minute Laser Coaching Session for when you are feeling stuck and need help NOW

  • An action-oriented plan tailored to your specific needs

  • Email support, as needed, between sessions to keep you focused and on track while moving toward your wellness goals

Enrollment closes 11-25-19

** Special One Time Bonus: Expires 11-22-19 **

  • Holiday Survival Guide including tips for thriving during the holiday season

  • 4 Day Post-Holiday Healthy Reset with Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

  • Holiday Survival Shopping List

Holiday pricing: Pay in Full $247 or 2 payments of $123.50

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