Professionally, I have been a Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. After working with so many patients with chronic, degenerative conditions, I realized that I wanted to be part of the Wellness Revolution that focuses more on prevention. That’s part of the reason I decided to take a leap of faith and become a Certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute and a Certified Essential Oils Coach through Dr. Josh Axe’s Essential Oil Coach Institute.

Personally, I have been on a mission of self-discovery and healing most of my adult life. I  have struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, IBS, and hormone imbalances.  All of these issues contributed to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

After years of struggling to feel good on the inside, I became committed to working on changing my mindset. Personally, my faith in God helped me look at things with a radically fresh perspective. Without Him, I know I am nothing, but through Christ, I know I can do all things!

Although I have been working diligently to overcome many of my own health and wellness challenges for decades, it was our son’s recent battle with a rare form of pediatric cancer that made me realize how precious and short our lives really are.

While working tirelessly to help him heal and thrive over the past 5 years, I have learned so much. Some of the things I used to help him heal include whole/organic foods, relaxation/stress management techniques, mind/body techniques, fun movement, essential oils, and naturopathic-prescribed supplements.

Throughout this journey, I have met so many amazing mothers, just like you, who inspire me with their strength, resilience, courage, and love. One thing I noticed is that certain mothers made self-care a priority while others did not. Whether that self-care was in the form of healthy eating, exercising, praying, or interacting with friends, it seemed to be the key to overall health and happiness.

Having a heart for Moms is easy because I see how much you all do every day to care for your family. You are the unsung heroes of every generation. However, even heroes need help. That is why I am inspired to help you live with intention so that you can truly live a life you love.

My mission is to help you uncover your body’s innate wisdom, challenge any self-limiting beliefs, and learn how to nourish every part of your life so that you can

Love Your Life Now!