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Is chronic stress causing you to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck?

Regain Your Energy

Rebuild Your  Confidence

Find Your Peace

It’s time to learn how to thrive during the storms of life

Does the constant pressure of a crisis or the overwhelm of everyday life have you at your wit’s end?

It’s time to prioritize and invest in your health.

You can develop the resilience to confidently create the life you love and live without regrets.

Let me show you how!

About Me

I am Linda K McDonnell…

Self-Love Coach for Moms

I love New Life.

New Beginnings.

Fresh Starts.

All three start with a powerful transformation that begins intimately inward and gradually moves outward to be shared with the world. There is something very powerful about being given a second chance at life that inspires you to want to make the most of it.

My story has a little of each of these transformational moments that I would like to share with you. My desire is to serve you by inspiring you to seek your own health and life transformation so that you can Love Your Life Now!

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Kind Words…

“Linda’s intuitiveness is priceless. Her knowledge and insights she shared and the way she applied them very personally to my life were eye-opening and created many “aha” moments. She helped me learn more about myself than I ever thought possible. I am still using many of the techniques she taught me to accomplish even more of my health goals.”

I. D.

This program was life-changing for me! I had so many insights along the way! The accountability was exactly what I needed! Weekly goals gave me direction and focus and building on those goals each week was the key to my success. Linda is truly the best of the best!!!She is so kind but is not afraid to give you some tough love when you need it! She challenges you to dig deep and push past your fears. She wants nothing more than for you to succeed and live your best life!!


Working with Linda has set me on a hopeful path in regards to a healthier lifestyle. I am much more aware of my body and what I am putting into it. During our sessions, I felt supported and accepted.  Linda helped me to stop judging myself when it comes to the food choices I make. Overall, my experience with Linda has made me more open-minded, self-aware, and confident in my ability to create my own healthy future! I am empowered to make better decisions for myself and my health. Thank you! L.M.